Introducing Company Pages

Company pages provides holistic data on companies in the R&D space

Company Pages

View a company’s comprehensive profile

To break into a field, looking at the top players in the market is a great place to start. Yet, the information needed to fully understand a company’s research portfolio is normally scattered.

We’re excited to introduce Company Pages to our dashboard to provide you with live, organized information on any company.

Start by typing in a company in our Quick Patent Search then run the query.

quick patent search function cypris

Find a result with a company name that matches your search. Choose the second result that says Tesla, Inc. Click View Details.

cypris innovation dashboard

Clicking View Details will bring up the Company Owner/Assignee name, which is now hyperlinked to their company page. 

hyperlinked company names research innovation dashboard

The dashboard now shows results specifically tagged to the Company. Every result for Tesla, Inc. is now populated for you to review. 

company dashboard full comprehensive profile

You can filter this data to help you understand the market and company better. The page can be sorted by date from the top right corner to look at the most recent tech. As well, the left sidebar allows you to filter the company’s research by category and patent type.

Data can also help you fully contextualize the company’s work. By clicking the chart icon in the top right corner, you can view analytics of their growth over time. The Statistics chart shows you the number of patents filed over the past year. This allows you to see how their rate of innovation has held up.

statistics chart comprehensive profile

You will then see the Top Categories bar chart, which shows you which sectors the company has been innovating in most. For Tesla, those would be electric elements, design transportation, and electric power. This chart allows you to see which sectors you should be honing in on. You can swipe right on the chart to reveal more results If you want to compete with Tesla, you would probably have better luck doing so in the photography or pumps sectors. 

The type of patents being filed by the company and the top inventors are also shown. 


We believe in making data accessible, understandable, and actionable for you. Our Company Pages help do that by providing you with a holistic, data-driven perspective to leading companies in the R&D space.

To get started with our Insights Dashboard, schedule a demo today. 

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