How to build a new report

Get an edge on your competition with our customizable report builder

how to build a report

Our Report Builder can present the market landscape around your inputted keywords. After signing into your account on the landing page, click Innovation Dashboard. Click the Create Report button to start building your report.

The Report Builder is composed of three parts: keywords, category, and industry. Each component is essential to finding the results you need. 

The primary keyword should be a single, broad word that’s present in every document of interest. For example, we’ll type in “drone.” The secondary keyword then describes the tech within the area of interest. Choose unique words to bring better results. Here, we’ll pick “package delivery” and “solar.”

Next, choose the category most related to the technology you’re looking for. It’s best to choose one category, but our database will search through all categories to bring you the best results.

Lastly, you choose the technology’s industry. This should be the most specific to where the technology is currently being applied. Here, we’ll select “drones.”

Click Generate Report, and you’ll have access to organizations in the field, investors in the field, patented technologies, and more. You have a holistic look at the important data you need.

The customizability of our Report Builder will give you an edge on your competition. You’ll have thousands of results that you can filter and search through to help you understand your market better. 

If you want access to valuable insights like these, schedule a demo with us today. 

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