Categories: Monitor innovation weekly.

Categories: Monitor innovation weekly.

A big part of why Innovation can seem difficult for smaller to mid-sized companies is that they normally do not have robust internal r&d teams. Larger corporations can innovate from within, because of the internal processes established to incubate ideas, gather the necessary tools/resources & bring it to market. But for smaller organizations, investing in internal r&d, for the most part, might not make a lot of sense; even though innovation is an important part of growth. Without an internal r&d team, you’re left with what’s called open innovation. Which is when you share resources & source innovations externally.

The problem is, most organizations don’t have access to the same innovative opportunities that Fortune 500 companies do, because of a barrier of knowledge. Today’s innovation monitoring tools are expensive, complex & too robust for the common business owner; which is why we created our categories page.

Through our category page, you can identify recent patents granted within your field on a weekly basis. We host over 160 industries & over 1K sub-classifications on Cypris, so you can find the specific niche you’re interested in monitoring. Every Tuesday our platform ingests around 8K new patents, which are divided into their specific fields, so you can investigate a reasonable amount of new innovations on a weekly basis. Over time you may identify trends and insights in patent filings within your field that can alter your strategic outlook.

As our marketplace grows, the categories page also becomes actionable. You can click the listed filter to identify recent listings in your field. And you can get in touch with the patent owners directly on-site for free.

Listed filter can be found on the left toolbar under Marketplace

Over time our categories page will allow for email triggers whenever new patents are ingested in your field, but for now, it might make sense to set a calendar reminder to check on Tuesdays.


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