Cypris Quick Start Guide: Insights Dashboard

Cypris Quick Start Guide: How to use the Insights Dashboard

In this report, we present the market landscape around your inputted keywords. Included are:

Organizations — companies & startups that are actively working within your keyword’s field.

Assignees — organizations with patent portfolios related to your keywords.

Investors — Investors with investment activity within your keyword’s field.

Technologies — patents matched with your keywords

Inventors — active inventors with patents matched with your keywords

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On the Left-hand side of the homepage you will see:

  1. The primary & secondary keywords inputted to generate the report.
  2. The number of businesses & technologies present in the report.
  3. The industry categories & classifications sorted through to generate the report.

Click ‘View All’ to dive deeper into the fields.

This presents all organizations, both enterprise-level & startups, that are actively working within your technologies field.

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This page covers the companies that have the capabilities to commercialize your invention at this very point in time.

Through this page you can:

a) Go to the company’s website

b) Go to the company’s LinkedIn page

c) View a brief description on what they do.

d) See their estimated rev. range

You can switch between ‘card view’ and ‘list view’ by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

This presents the less obvious companies, that you’d likely not see through search engines like Google. These companies all own IP within their portfolio that is related to your invention.

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Through this page you can:

a) Click ‘Explore Technologies’ to view the Assignees complete patent portfolio

Smart capital is the best kind of capital. This field presents investors that have made investments in companies with similar technologies as yours.

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Through this page you can:

a) Go to the investor’s website

b) Visit their LinkedIn page to connect with key personnel.

c) See their # of investments & a brief description of their focus.

This field presents patents that are matched with your technology.

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Through this page you can:

a) See the category, abstract, class, pub. date, assignee & inventor for each patent .

b) Click view details to see more information on the technology.

c) Download the full patent document to read more about its claims and background.

d) See the keyword ‘Ranking Indicator’ (more information below).

e) Filter the results by category, class & patent type.

f) Marketplace filter — see listed patents for ‘sale’ or ‘license’

This presents which keywords are present within the patent.

The purple filling represents primary keywords & the blue external filling represents secondary keywords. The more filled in the two fields are, the more accurate the patent is to your keywords.

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This field shows you, key inventors, with a lot of activity within your technology’s field.

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Through this page you can:

a) Click ‘View All Inventions’ to view the Inventors complete patent portfolio.

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