Cypris: Quick Start Guide

Cypris: Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use the Cypris Marketplace to market your innovation.

Sign Up for a Free Cypris Account

You will want to begin by signing up for a free Cypris Account if you don’t already have one. An account is required to receive insights report, build a free patent listing, message patent owners & more. Sign up from the Homepage by clicking the button in the top right corner.

Find your patent on our search engine.

Our search engine hosts every patent grant since 1989. You can find yours by searching for its inventor name, patent#, or patent title. — at the moment our marketplace only hosts patent grants. Join our LinkedIn group for information on when we’ll be opening the marketplace to applications.

Once you find your patent, click ‘claim’ & upload evidence of ownership.

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Claiming a patent will allow you to manage it in your private user dashboard. Once claimed, our team will review and verify that it’s yours. Our verification process usually takes a couple of hours after a claim is requested.

You can keep track of accepted & pending claims in your dashboard:

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Get to your user dashboard by clicking on the top right corner of the homepage (after logging in).

Once confirmed, click ‘Create Listing’ to get started on your patent listing.

This process takes around 15–20min if you complete all fields, so make sure you reserve some time to work on it.

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Listing Process:

  1. Innovation Title — provide a 3to 5 word title for your offering.
  2. Innovation Description — describe the features of your technology.
  3. Problem Statement- what’s the problem your technology is solving.
  4. Solution Statement — how does your technology present a solution.
  5. Images/Videos — showcase your innovation’s value through photos & videos.
  6. Document Upload- presentations, evidence of use, marketing material etc.
  7. Additional Information: any additional details about the offering.
  8. Consulting- are you willing to offer consulting to help the buyer/licensee implement the technology.
  9. Offer Type- sale, license or inquire for offer.
  10. Offer Value- you can make this part visible or you can choose to only show it upon request.
  11. Publish!

Congrats you’re listing is now live & on our open marketplace.

After your listing is live….

  1. Share it on social media: sharing links are included on every patent listing.
  2. Receive messages from interested users. — you’ll get an email notification when someone sends you a message through Cypris.
  3. Get market insights on the technology through a market intelligence report.

Market Intelligence Report

A Cypris market insights report will find you companies matched with your innovation. Once your listing is live, you’ll want to take a more active approach & start sharing it with targeted companies.

Learn more here:

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