Have a patent? List it on Cypris

Have a patent? List it on Cypris

Patent owners around the country are creating a listing on ipcypris.com, the recent patent startup looking to organize the world’s innovations in one centralized platform.

The patent space is currently a graveyard of lost investments and uncommercialized ideas. Part of the reason for this lack of success is because of insufficient tools for marketing patent opportunities. Inventors finally have the ‘Zillow’ for patents. At no listing fee or commissions taken, Cypris is the first genuine tool meant for the independent inventor. Patent owners can find & claim their patent on Cypris’ unique search engine & easily create a dynamic listing. Add a listing title, photos & videos, presentations, an offer type & more.

Listings are then organized into categories where potential buyers & licensees can filter the marketplace to only see opportunities relevant to them. Finally, patent owners have the chance to show what their innovation looks like beyond the patent document. The Cypris team is continuously releasing new features & platform upgrades to give patent owners everything they need to market their innovation. Future upgrades include data analytics to see who’s looking at your listings, sharing links to self promote on social media & a news feed to showcase recent news & events related to listings.

Cypris’ mission is to organize the world’s innovations and create an environment for sharing resources.

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