Market Your Patent ~ Create a Free Listing on Cypris

Market Your Patent ~ Create a Free Listing on Cypris

New York, New York (January 2nd, 2020) Look out the window, do we see flying cars or jetpacks? Is Marty Mcfly’s hoverboard the optimal choice for getting to work, or are we still walking? It is 2020 folks and innovation is not where it should be. Every year, thousands of patents are published and granted through the USPTO as high minded innovators invest thousands of dollars into unique concepts that can potentially stimulate economies, cure diseases & propel us into the future, but unfortunately, the majority of patent holders do not see their creation come to fruition.

Is this lag in commercialization due to a lack of capabilities & entrepreneurial spirit? Or, is it because of a lack of tools needed for patent holders to successfully market their innovations to the world? We believe it’s the latter, & we’re here to be that tool.

Cypris provides a design-friendly interface for navigating through innovations within 164 categories. Patent holders are free to create a dynamic listing to share recent photos, videos, and presentations to help showcase your innovation beyond the patent document. We’re consolidating and organizing these valuable technologies, so organizations can have one central location for sourcing external innovation opportunities. Whether you’re looking to sell, license or raise funding, you now have the opportunity to share your goals with the world.

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