New Service Provider Page

New Service Provider Page

New York, NY 4/14/20 — Continuing to build tools for patent owners, we launched a new page on the platform, allowing service providers within the industry to host listings. Brokers, attorneys, marketers & more are now able to share their unique offerings with Cypris users.

There are many different pieces needed to puzzle together when trying to market & commercialize IP. You need to understand the market landscape, build prototypes and have a strong plan of action that’s specifically catered to your IP. It is unimaginable that a patent owner would be able to successfully navigate the process on their own, so it makes sense to seek outside help. The problem is, there are so many different service providers that are specifically suited to work within certain fields. Patent owners are then left trying to find companies that cannot only help them, but that have specific knowledge and experience in their patents market.

There needs to be one central location for identifying patent service providers.

Before Zillow consolidated home buying in one central location, there was a similar issue in the real estate industry. Homeowners who needed to find brokers had a tough time locating the ones that can help them in their specific market. Now through Zillow’s work with an agent feature, homeowners have the option to either list their property on their own or use Zillow’s robust network of brokers to find the ones that can help them the most.

Our services page will do for patent owners what Zillow did for homeowners.

Over time we will be consolidating the best service providers within the industry on Cypris. Once a patent owner builds a listing they’ll be able to identify the specific companies that can help them find success in their field. We will see more productive networking within the space & in effect see more innovations brought to life.

Service Provider Page

About Cypris

Launched in October of 2019, Cypris is an NYC based startup looking to correct the poor patent commercialization statistics. For the 97% of patents that fail to be commercialized, we will provide the tools & resources to see them brought to life.

Cypris’ current offering is, an innovative platform that combines a specialized assignee and inventor search engine with a patent marketplace. Cypris combines modern techniques in design, data analytics, and machine learning to present patent listings to relevant potential buyers and licensees. Recently launched, Cypris is currently hosting over 650 patent listings for sale or license from seven leading research universities and individual inventors. Over time, Cypris intends to bring additional patent assets from the academic sector to the fore, along with patent listings supplied by leading technology companies and inventors.

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