Tips for creating a powerful patent listing — Photos & Videos

Tips for creating a powerful patent listing — Photos & Videos

Patent documents are dry & architectural & ultimately meant for lawyers. They can be hard to understand & can hurt your chances of presenting your innovation’s true value to buyers & licensees.

A picture is worth a thousand words, & having an image or a video that can provide some indication of the opportunity you’re presenting can go a long way in generating clicks & getting leads.

If you don’t have a prototype of your product try building a 3D mock-up of what it can look like. There are great resources like Canva for creating mockups or MakerBot for building 3D prototypes.

Once you’re mock-up/prototype is created, upload it to Cypris & share it with the world.

Lawyers will still be able to see the original patent image, but you will now be engaging a new audience that will only increase your chances of seeing your innovation brought to life.

Check out our patent owner explainer video to learn more!

Best of luck!

Cypris Team


Cypris’ core offering is, an innovative platform that combines a specialized assignee and inventor search engine with a patent marketplace. Cypris combines modern techniques in design, data analytics, and machine learning to present patent listings to relevant potential buyers and licensees. Recently launched, Cypris is currently hosting over 600 patent listings for sale or license from six leading research universities and individual inventors. Over time, Cypris intends to bring additional patent assets from the academic sector to the fore, along with patent listings supplied by leading technology companies and inventors.

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